How You Benefit from Waterproofing & Mold Removal

Mold and Basement Waterproofing

¬†Unhealthy, Hazardous, Mold and Mildew Growth Can Destroy Your Family’s Health

Not Sure if Your Basement or Crawl Space Needs to Be Waterproofed?


If you live in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware areas, chances are your basement or crawl space has been effected by water problems. Common problems in this area include:

  • Mold Growth (very dangerous to the health of your family)
  • Dampness, Wet Spots, Water on the Walls or Floor (can lead to mold growth and foundation problems)
  • Flooding (will cause damage to your foundation, can lead to dangerous problems with your home’s electricity, ruin furniture and appliances)

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How You Benefit from Waterproofing Your Basement

A waterproofing and drainage system will stop these problems. The faster you deal with them, the less damage they will do to your home.

By keeping your basement dry, and keeping water away from your home, you will keep the area dry, and your foundation strong and problem-free.

When you install a high-quality drainage and waterproofing system, you benefit from:

  • Mold Removal – We can simultaneously waterproof your basement or crawl space while remediating mold
  • Increased Living and Storage Space – A dry basement is a safe space to store your things. If you want to use your cellar as a living space, it is essential that the area remains dry and flood-free. With a waterproofed, dry basement, you can install flooring, put in an entertainment center, furniture, use the cellar for extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces.
  • Increased Home Value – When you have a dry, mold-free basement, your home’s value goes up. If you are looking to sell, this is critical.

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